From left to right..... 

-Mr Baldo Lopez, recipient of the golden point man award. In 2017 Baldo singlehandedly layed the groundwork for the Martinhouse time trials, a free grassroots race series highlighting gateway park mtb trail. Since he has taken on the task of communicating on behalf of FWMBA with the city of FW in pursuit of shared clean up efforts at gateway park.

-Mr Mike Nadon, recipient of the golden digger award. Since Mike migrated from red wings country to FW his enthusiasm for the sport has remained unmatched, particularly in the area of moving dirt. In 2017 Mike, with little help, took on the backbreaking task of spicing up the double kicker line on lone wolf at Sansom Park. As one might say, "you're a better American" Mike.

-Third, but certainly not least, Mr David Michael, recipient of a lifetime achievement award. Folks, David was at the scene for the birth of Sansom Park MTB trail. This man has more sweat and blood equity in FW mountain biking than any of us mere mortals could aim for. All patrons of Sansom Park owe this man a huge debt of gratitude.

Lastly, we have Fred's Texas and owners Terry Chandler and Quincy Wallace (pictured) with the golden supporter award. Fred's has been a long time friend and supporter. Unique to 2017 was their help with the 17' Klunkytown Klassic. The mobile outlaw kitchen fed race goers awesome street tacos free of charge, and put out a tip jar that was then graciously gifted to FWMBA. These guys dug deep into the bankroll of their personal business to help our club.

Hats off to all you fellers!