Being a member isn’t just about paying your dues…it’s about joining others in your community in support of mountain biking.

ten thousand hours of trail work by FWMBA

You can join today by cfilling out the form below. Our membership director will contact you about your membership packet. If you have not done so already, Join the Forums and introduce yourself. Then, check the Facebook Page for upcoming events and work days.

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In consideration of membership in the Fort Worth Mountain Bikers' Association (hereinafter referred to as FWMBA), I, for myself and/or my minor child/children, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby agree to forever release and discharge any and all rights, demands, claims and causes of suit or action, known or unknown, whether arising now or in the future, that I may have against FWMBA, any other participating sponsors, its officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents and volunteers for any and all injuries, including death and any property damage in any manner arising or resulting from my participation or my child's/children's participation in any activity conducted by or in conjunction with FWMBA.

I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in mountain bike riding and in all FWMBA activities, that I assume those risks, that I will, without limitation, assume and pay any and all medical and emergency expenses incurred on my or my child's/children's behalf in the event of an accident, injury, illness, or other incapacity while participating in any FWMBA activity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses.

I further agree that in the event I require medical or surgical treatment while under the supervision of FWMBA or any of its representatives, FWMBA representative may authorize medical treatment. I have read and agree with all terms of this waiver.

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