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An Open Letter to Mayor Price and Councilman Shingleton

Mayor Betsy Price and Councilman Dennis Shingleton,

FWMBA has done an exemplary job to present our club as a professionally run association dedicated to building, maintaining and operating singletrack, mountain bike trails. It was with this spirit that FWMBA became a stakeholder in the Lake Worth Vision Plan.

The Fort Worth Mountain Bikers’ Association members, its executive board and trail stewards are very disappointed in this news of a potential to develop a hike/bike trail along a southern oriented trail alignment along the river inside MSP.

See you Gateway trailhead for April’s club meeting….No Foolin’!!

In an effort to engage the membership and build community, we’ll be kicking off the season of trailhead club meetings on April 1st at Gateway Park.  Please spread the word that we will NOT be meeting at Backwoods again until the clocks fall back in November.  We will be alternating between our two trails.  May’s

Notice to all recreational trail users of Marion Sansom and Gateway Parks

  FWMBA received a statement from the City of Fort Worth attorney’s office on Friday, February 28. The statement allows the mountain bike trails at Gateway and Marion Samson.Parks to remain open as FWMBA continues to secure a general liability insurance policy per its agreement with the city. Until insurance is secured FWMBA will not

Welcome to FWMBA!

Welcome to the new FWMBA website! Things are new, so please look around and check things out. We’re also working on completing the site, so if you don’t see something right now, check back at a later time to see if we’ve added it. Currently, we are working on porting over the old forums to