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An Open Letter to Mayor Price and Councilman Shingleton

Mayor Betsy Price and Councilman Dennis Shingleton,

FWMBA has done an exemplary job to present our club as a professionally run association dedicated to building, maintaining and operating singletrack, mountain bike trails. It was with this spirit that FWMBA became a stakeholder in the Lake Worth Vision Plan.

The Fort Worth Mountain Bikers’ Association members, its executive board and trail stewards are very disappointed in this news of a potential to develop a hike/bike trail along a southern oriented trail alignment along the river inside MSP.

Sansom Festivus Success!

We had a great Festivus celebration on Sunday! It was one of the best workdays we’ve had @ MSP in a long time & want to thank everyone for helping!!! Also a huge Thanks A Bunch to Terry Chandler for not only helping with the work, but cooking us some mighty fine breakfast!!! The start of