FWMBA Board position candidates.

FWMBA is pleased to announce the following candidates and their statements for the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary.

President- Jeff Neale: I, Jeff Neale, submit myself as a candidate for the position of FWMBA president for the coming year 2017. As a longtime club member, I have consistently participated in “scheduled” trail work days (as well as devoted many solo hours on “non scheduled” trail work & maintenance). I have played a key role in several race events, and wrote the grant proposal that led to FWMBA receiving last years $5000 grant from REI. I have previously served as membership director and currently hold the position of secretary for the past year.

My vision for the club is centered around a primary philosophy of having a club that is fun, and promotes and expands the sport of mountain biking in Fort Worth. This is done by being actively engaged with its membership, the community, local businesses, and the entities that grant us access to land. I believe a club that is active and engaged in this manner will help advance the sport and ensure we have trails to ride in the future. More specifically this would be achieved through various activities the club would commit to such as, regularly scheduled club meetings, trail work days, race events, clinics, group rides, social gatherings, and actively engaging/participating in city meetings thereby continuing and strengthening our longstanding relationship with FW Parks & Recreation dept.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue much of the great work FWMBA has done in the past and taking the club forward into the future.

Vice President- Stephen Donovan: I, Stephen Donovan, would like to formally enter my name for consideration into the 2017 FWMBA election for the position of Vice President. It is my hope that, combined with the efforts of other freshly elected board members, FWMBA will move forward with new enthusiasm, comittment, and drive to increase our felt presence in the local mountain bike community, while preserving our trail networks for many years to come.

My vision for the club is as follows, and will cover 6 points of directionality……

1. Hold consistent open club meetings to engage our membership in club activity, thereby creating a mood of inclusion and a forum/voice concerning club activity and direction. An amendment to the club by laws pertaining to President and Vice president duties should reflect this.

2. It is imperative that we become more engaged in the community through inreased events, bike maintenance and skills clinics, networking with bike retailers, caterers, breweries, etc.. It is also vital that the board be open to delegate a portion of planning for this footprint expansion to willing and committed non-board members, possibly extending to the point of appointing volunteer subcommitees to handle planning, promotional efforts, and networking…..so that our elected board members do not become overburdened.

3. Beyond our two main events in the spring and fall, I would like to see our calendar littered with smaller events of the family friendly variety. Within these events, I would like to explore the possibility of incorporating a charity effort, whereby 5-10% of all race entries and club/sponsor retail sales would go directly to a chosen charity effort. Two that come to mind immediately are doctors without borders, and pedal against PTSD. This is a very simple and effective way to garner broader support outside the bookends of people who actively mountain bike.

4. Isolate and purchase a cost effective method of timing race events. There are many on the market nowadays, some even as simple as a tablet app, that would enable us to hold timed events without the worry/roadblock of borrowing a timing system.

5. Expand our core trail building/maintenance crew to include all willing dedicated members of FWMBA. Perhaps under the following framework: Have groups of 2-3 volunteers be assigned to 1-2 mile sections of trail that they are the caretakers of. Volunteers would need to be able to commit for at least a year. Naturally, any trail modification or feature building would of course need to be approved by trail stewards. Some form of recongnition in the via trail sign plackards or the option to name your section of trail could be discussed.

6. An event I would like to see come to fruition in calendar year 2017, is a joint event/race with the Weatherford Mountain Bike Club to be named at a later time (“FW triple crown” comes to mind). The loose format would be a combined timed race that goes from Gateway Park, to Sansom Park, and ends at Quanah Hill.

It is my hope that this vision aligns with both the prospective future board, and the voting body of FWMBA. Thank you for your consideration.

Stephen Donovan

Secretary- Roberto Loucel: My name is Roberto Loucel and I’d like to submit my candidacy submission for Secretary of FWMBA. Below is my personal statement:

I want to help FWMBA be more active, be more visible, and be better organized through the office of Secretary. I want to help the club achieve its full potential, which I believe has not been fully developed yet. My mission is to bring new perspectives and new ideas so that the club can thrive; however, if the club is not interested or open to changes then I will mostly likely not be the right person for this position. I’ve served as the secretary for one term with a local affinity group (the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), so I do have some experience and exposure in this role. I feel passionate about mountain biking and cycling in Fort Worth, and I’m motivated to contribute to the club as much as I can.

Roberto Loucel


The vote will be held Tuesday Jan 31, 2017 at a club meeting from 7-9 pm (aproximately) at Martin House Brewing Company at 220 S Sylvanie Ave #209 Fort Worth Tx. 76111. All club members with a current FWMBA membership at the time of the vote are eligible to cast a vote. We hope for a large turnout of members to give their input, ask questions and have an opportunity to mingle with the candidates and other members as we set the stage to move forward for the coming year. Cold beverages, courtesy of our friends at Martin House, and snacks will be provided.