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The Fort Worth Mountain Bikers Association is in immediate need of a responsible volunteer for the very important role of FWMBA Treasurer

The Treasurer role is a FWMBA Board position. As a Board member, you will help set the vision, direction and actions of FWMBA. The role does require some knowledge of business financials such as accounts payable/receivable and balancing, banking deposits/withdrawals, money handling, etc.
All FWMBA Board positions must be voted in by the FWMBA membership and a SPECIAL ELECTION (possibly online) will be held. The Treasurer will be chosen by a majority of ballots cast by FWMBA members in good standing.
Please read the official FWMBA Bylaws by clicking here, and going to the bottom of that page.
If you are willing to give a little back to FWMBA by volunteering for the Treasurer position, please send an email with your background, applicable skills, and FWMBA vision to as soon as possible.

The FWMBA Board of Directors and Board Appointees roles do require some commitment of time and effort, but we help each other as needed to keep each other from being overburdened. It's very rewarding to serve and hey, we're not asking for a kidney... just a little help!